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SOCRON Mission Statement and Core Values

SOCRON Mission Statement

  • Improving cancer care and prevention;

  • Advancing the education of physicians and other professionals in the care of patients with cancer and supporting the development of clinical cancer researchers;

  • Fostering communication among cancer-related medical subspecialties and the exchange of a wide range of ideas related to cancer, including its biology, prevention, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and psychosocial impact;

  • Advocating public policy that ensures patient access to high-quality cancer care and that supports increased clinical cancer research;

  • Assisting oncologists in addressing the challenges of the modern-day practice of oncology.

SOCRON Core Values

  • Commitment: SOCRONs overriding concerns are the care and well-being of patients with cancer.

  • Integrity: SOCRON will strive for integrity and trustworthiness in all endeavors.

  • Competence: SOCRON will work to ensure excellence in care for all patients with cancer.

  • Innovation: SOCRON is committed to innovation in research, oversight, and delivery of cancer care.

  • Inclusivity: SOCRON is committed to professional diversity and multidisciplinary care for patients with cancer.

SOCRON Article of Association

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